Past praise for Julia Munrow:

'It is both funny and touching to see her overcome by love's confusion' The Times

'Hilarious' The Guardian
'Exuded a control over the stage that was almost tangible'

★★★★★ 2023 Into the Woods Thomas A Rhymer : ' absolutely fantastic and quite audacious. ....Julia Munrow has just the right,

rich voice and sense of the dramatic to tell a grand myth '

★★★★ ' A fantastic performance by Munrow....Munrow  finds pathos, humanity and humour in all her characters... .' 'Rossetti's Women'                   

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★★★★   The three lovers of Pre-Raphaelite painter, Dante Gabriel Rossetti are portrayed with an exquisite touch by Julia Munrow. Edinburgh Reporter.

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Julia has a role - Vassiliev's secretary  - a KGB agent  - in Luc Besson's latest film ANNA  

and is now appearing in the award-winning  ‘Champagne, Intimacy, Alan”.

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Julia will be touring and appearing at the festival in Edinburgh in AMOROUS TALES OF SHAKESPEARE

Julia Munrow is the Artistic Director of  A  Drunken Sailor: Playback Impro -  which performs regularly at London, Brighton and Edinburgh festivals.

FIVE STAR REVIEW - ★★★★★   The Mirror

'A real stand out from all the stand-up, this is comic improvisation theatre- style'

‘It doesn’t get any better than this. Spontaneous, ingenious and thoroughly entertaining.  One hour was way too short for this treat.’  Broadway Baby


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